The Burnham Ramblers Juniors Fun Day was a success being the first such event the Ramblers have attempted. Organising our first Fun Day we had to make sure that we did not go overboard with out lay of funds. We can now tick those events which were a success and put a cross against those that were not. Going into next years Fun Day we can be more confident and add other activities

On behalf of the Burnham Ramblers Juniors Committe I would like to thank those that gave up their time to make the day a success. I would also like to thank Jackie and Paul Howard for their contribution to making the day a success and to those who donated prizes.

Would team managers please collect sponsored monies raised for the penalty competitions.





Winners of prizes and competitions:





Speed Machine:





U9's - Harrison Churchill - 42mph





U12's - Scott Oyler - 53mph





u16's - Tom Curtis - 83mph (Highest ever recorded)





U18's - Charlie Gray - 79mph





U12's Girls - Jade Oyler - 46mph





Veterans - Andy Lowe - 67mph










Jar Sweats - Levi Denham





Barrow of Booze - Tony Grover





Up for the Cup - 1st Prize: Roy Bond





                               2nd Prize: Martin Leno (Donated to the fund)