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A new scheme introduced by the FA to increase the quality of provision in all childrenís Junior football, to sustain participation and raise standards. 


The scheme is Voluntary and its objectives are to award Charter Standard status to clubs and Leagues meeting the required  criteria

WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA Developing and Submitting a Written Constitution All clubs must develop and submit a written constitution and meet the minimum requirements of the recommended FA constitution, including club rules. Each member of the club must receive and sign a copy Each club must be properly administered by a duly elected management Committee. It must maintain proper books of account. have regular meetings and the business of such meetings be duly recorded in minute form and those minutes be available to all members. 

Screening of Managers, Coaches and Officials of Clubs 

Managers, coaches and club officials need to be registered with the league. Managers, coaches and club officials are required to sign a self declaration form outlining ALL convictions relating to offences related to children, any offence under the sexual offences act, any offence involving evidence of any nature and drug related offences.
and information outlined 

Qualifications of Managers and Coaches 

The Minimum requirement for a Manager or Coach of a charter standard club is 

a) an FA Junior Team Management Certificate or b) to have attended fully an FA Coaching certificate Course The Manager or Coach must have attended or be in receipt of theses awards by December 2000-03-24 

New managers or coaches must fulfil the above within 12 months of working for a charter standard club

Commitment to attend In Service training opportunities In addition to attaining the minimum qualifications outlined in the Qualifications of Managers and Coaches, a minimum of one representative per club must attend a workshop developed in conjunction with the League, the FA and County association at least on an annual basis.. 

Acceptance of an active code of conduct 

The codes of conduct are crucial to enhancing the quality of the experience by all involved Coaches and managers agree to abide by and promote the code of conduct outlined Parents, Guardians and Carers agree to abide by and promote the code of conduct Players agree to abide by and promote the code of conduct outlined Spectators agree to abide by and promote the code of conduct outlined Commitment to providing mini-soccer opportunities for under 10's Charter Standard clubs are committed to promoting and developing mini-soccer for boys and girls under 10 years of age

Commitment to promote Schools Liaison and Equal Opportunities for all Charter Standard clubs are committed to liasing with schools where appropriate Charter standard clubs are committed to promoting and developing opportunities for girls to participate All charter standard clubs are committed to promote Equal opportunities for all outlined.

The Following are FA recommended Code of Conducts 

The Responsible Football Player;

The Responsible Parent, 

The Responsible Football Coach, 

The Responsible Spectator; 

An FA club constitution. 

Parentís code of conduct,

Spectators code of conduct,

Players code of conduct,

Managers code of conduct.