Under 12's Girls Tournament



 On Sunday 21st June we competed in the Island Boys and Girls Tournament at waterside Park on Canvey, which was part of the Castle Point Fun Day.  There were 8 teams in our age group.  Our first game was against Redbridge South and we played really well keeping it to nil nil then conceding a really unlucky goal in the very last minute to lose 1 0.  We then played LTD Doves B who had thrashed us earlier in the season.  Our defence was caught sleeping in the first couple of minutes and we conceded to make it 1 0 but that woke us up and we competed for every ball after that and were really unlucky not to score with Maisie Tothill and Amy Yeldham both coming very close.  Our 3rd game was against Island Girls B and we came out fighting from the first whistle this time.  Ellen Tracey score a spectacular long range effort which was enough to secure a 1 0 win and our first 3 points of the day.  Ellen's goal inspired her and she came so close to scoring again in our next game against Hawkwell.  Whilst we couldn't quite find the back of the net, our defence confidently led by Jessie Mullins held strong and we secured a 0 0 draw and another point.  Our next game was against LTD Doves A and to be honest we expected a heavy defeat but we competed really well and were pleased to come away with a 2 0 defeat showing how much we have improved since the beginning of the season.  Catholic United (from Divsion 1) had played 5 won 5 so far and so we expected another tricky game.  But as usual the whole team rose to the occasion, Jessie and Gemman Kent marked their star player out of the game, Jade Oyler was superb in goal and the final result was a fantastic 0 0 which to be honest felt like a win to us and clearly felt like a defeat to them!  That gave us 5 points and suddenly we were in with a chance of making the semi finals!  We did all we could beating Island Girls B 1 0 with a fantastic strike from Elle Mardle, and Ellen Tracey showing that she is developing into a really reliable back up keeper.  So we ended on 8 points, 1 point short of making thew semis!  We are really competing now and the other teams are beginning to realise that they have to take the Burnham Rambler seriously!